Meta Watch – Fossil




I was waiting for the train, when I discover this beauty, my first smart watch, when I was randomly browsing in gumtree late 2013. I was fascinated by the functionality, back then, smart watch had hardly surfaced and very less people knew what they were. I paid almost AUD 180 for the black one, among the green, blue and tangerine face colored watch. Backed by fossil, it did give a sporty look and a rugged one.


This watch had the customization limited screenm2 that could add max 4 widgets in a screen. Weather updated as per programed from the app synced with smart phone connected via Bluetooth.

The 50m water resistant watch was able to remote control the music being played from the smart phone, get the notifications such as SMS, emails, phone calls and any programmed notification from the app. The watch normally lasted me 5 to 7 days of moderate use at a single charge. Navigating through screens with the six buttons (3 on each sides) got more comfy as I got the hang of using them.


The display would sometime be hard to read on an outdoor hot sunny environment. At least I didn’t had to reach out for my pockets to check the notifications and time. The fun times was around the house party, when I changed the music stealthily from my wrist, it did arise question marks while playing the music loud on my mobile – as hardly any of my mates knew about the kind of technology. (They assumed, the phone is being hacked or been malfunctioning due to viruses, while volume up and down and skipping the songs).

Subscribing to any news feeds and weather was always pushed into the watch without having to wonder as it all was there waiting to be watched in the watch.

On the wrist, it was light and comfy didn’t had any hassle putting it on and forget it in shower, swim.

Aside from the limited functionality, charging the watch does takes quite a while to get used to align the pins clipped for charging or updating the software. On numerous occasion I did experience the watch freezing and non-rem3sponsive, to fix the problem, I had to get back home then connect it to the computer and reset, which was quite a hassle as none of the button are functional at that stage. The Bluetooth connection would just disappear out of the blue and wouldn’t connect back unless, it’s done manually again.

Notification was not as instant as well for me, it lagged some seconds. However, it did help me move through the music and reading notification when I was travelling, without fiddling on the mobile or the earpiece cable.


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