The Pebble Steel

Pebble Steel


My greediness61lhm1jdahl-_sl1024_s towards extra functionality of the evolving wearable technology led me to another smart watch… THE PEBBLE STEEL, the elegant looking with much more customisable and constantly updating apps and watch faces.

Non touch and always on screen are the features that I desired in a smart watch so that, I don’t have to do anything to check the time or any feeds such as weather, date, etc. with almost 5 days without charge, isn’t that awesome?? Atleast for me it is, don’t have to bother charging every day. Magnetic charging port happily click in on the left side of the watch, i could even do it in the dark.steel-silver-front-400-786fdb056101d49721da42b3d5243efa

The metal bodies watch comes with leather strap, however, metal strap would make it look more premium.

Controlling music whether it’s the music stored on the device or Spotify or Pandora, is as simple as pushing a button, if the music app is tuned in the watch. With 5 atm water resistant, shower, swim, rain, beach, bring it on baby….

Incoming calls, missed call or  text, answer all from the convenience of the wrist, replies to the SMS or rejecting the calls could be done by the pre saved text, such as, in a meeting let me call back, am driving/riding, could be customised and saved.

Did I forget to mention, the screen is black and white and easily readable even on bright environment and motion sensor and ambient light sensor comes handy in a dark environment. Compatible with iphone and android platforms with new watchfaces and apps popping up every now and then, can choose and use the desired app to readily blend in as per your need.

With one back button on the left side and 3 buttons on the right, to navigate through the apps and functions. UP and Down button can be used as quick launch buttons to the assigned app. Left button can as well be used as quite mode on/off button to mute the notification vibration at the time of need, it can be scheduled to automatically turn on and off at night.

Applications that is frequently use are Pebble alarm that vibrate, timer to notify the , dialer to use as remote to make calls, Pandora and spotify to control the music, misfit to track my steps and sleep, dashboard to activate and deactivate wifi, data, find my mobile.



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