I-Watch (The apple Watch)


Apple watch, one of the most anticipated smart watch from apple is equipped with 71 variety of different case materials, colours, sizes and interchangeable bands, customisation could really be personal taste. A combination of fashion and functionality, not one pushes the regular notification feed but as well, it is able to track and measure daily activity such as running, cycling or hitting the gym to motivate healthy activity giving a sporty functionality . It can sense the standing or the sitting position of the wearer, remaining to stand every now and then.

Notification can be replied back using the built in messages and emails, which can be tailored to one’s preference. Features such as dictate to the reply by tapping the microphone icon to record and send it as MMS; using siri to initiate certain functionality like making calls, answering or replying. Depending on the rush of notifications being pushed, average battery life of the watch can go from  a day to two.

I-Watch can be customised with hundreds of apps, merged with apple maps – turn by turn directions, easy wrist payments via apple pay, with pretty good fitness tracker, the watch can be purchased from AUD $429 –AUD $1629

Apple is evolving its watch into second generation expecting to release fall of 2016.It comes in two sizes 1.5 inch and 1.7 inch that includes improved processer, waterproofing, GPS, barometer and better battery performance.


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