Samsung Gear

Samsung Gear 2

Race to attract the potential market for the wearables, samsung attempts its best to compete against the crowdy market by introducing samsung galaxy gears2-fbgear in 2013.

The wareable featured rotating bezel for quick access with IP68(2) rating making it water resistant for 3 meter for 30 minutes – with wireless charging capabilities. it is equipped with features to record daily 24 hour activities log that could measure the pulse rate, count the steps and pattern and as well remind the user to stay on the track with the fitness goal.

It would readily pair with any android system above 4.4 and stores almost 300 songs synced from the phone so if someone dilebrately leaves the phone for a run, exercise – the playlist could still be accessed through the bluetooth earpiece by the samsunblankblankg gear app on the watch.

Navigation through the varieties of notifications or app on the watch could be accessible via the home and back buttons located on the right side of the watch or the touch screen or the rotating bezel for the precise launch.

Despite of all the feature, Samsung Gear 2 need some upgrade of the battery as it last for 2 days without charge at max.



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