Philips Pico Projector

Philips Pico Projector

Watching movie with friends at your place in a small laptop could feel very cramped, having one of the mobile Pico projector could make it easy and enjoyable sharing the content on a bigger screen. Going out on a camp or outdoor, sipping beer and bbq enjoying the evening and sharing pictures through the projector would magnify the fun as well. There are numerous products available in the market.

Philips PicoPix PPX 4010 is one the smallest projectors yet one of the fastest one measuring 0.87: x 2.7 x 2.6” and weighing 83 grams. It was primarily designed to pair with the laptop with 100 Lumens brightness and 1500:1 contrast ratio with native resolution of 854 x 480. Its LED lamp claims to last for 30,000 hours with the fixed focal length, throwing distance is 0.5 meter to 3.7 meters.

The picture quality delivered by PICOPIX PPX4010 is superior compared to similar type of projectors, however the gadget only comes with one color preset, unable to customise. The image quality is best described as watchable, green colour is bit yellowish while blue and read are a little darker. The colour are vibrant and nicely saturated.ppx4010_int-a1p-global-001

The device has a single port on the projector, the mini 0 HDMI connec
tor port, the pan noice is rated less than 28 dB, which is not very noticeable.

Focus wheel can sometime be very sensitive, the hbattery less gadget require a power to be connected at the time of operation. It as well lack a built in speaker and the zoom functionality. It is acceptable to extend the veiwing size about 45″ but can get to 63″. The metal coating is cool to touch and looks very classy which at the same time would attract the finger prints and smudges easily.


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