The New Razer Blade

The new Razer balde is broned for VR gaming. It is so powerful as the desktop computer which is so capable to handle most of the gaming with a high effect performance; besides, it is so thin and has beautiful body design. It just thin as the MacBook pro 15 and it has the color lighting keyboard system to make the keyboard looked so cool and amazing.

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The new Razer Blade now is available to be powered by NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1060. This new 14 inches Razer Blade has a perfect balance for both power and mobility. The newest generation of NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1060 graphic card will boot the gameplay experience up to a new level, which is able to be run most of games fast, smooth and with the prefect high effect.


Moreover, the new Razer Blade also provides an advanced version of this laptop, which it will come with QHD+ OF 3200* 1800 resolution of touching display. The very high resolution fitting this 14 inches display will incredibly improve every visual performance not only gameplay but also the system displaying as well. It will give you 262ppi, which everything is displayed will be so clear and hyper-realistic sharp.


The new Razer blade comes with the Intel Core i7-6700Qusd-Core Processor with Hyper-Threading 2.6GHz/3.5GHz (base/Turbo) and the selective of storage of 128G SSD, 512G SSD or 1T SSD of PCle M.2. The new Razer Blade will run the window 10 64 bit version as the operating system with 16 G Ram of  dual-channel onboard memory ( DDR4, 2133MHz).


For the networking, the new Razer blade will use the killer Wireless-AC 1535( 802.11a/b/g/n/ac + buletooth 4.1), which will give a very fast and stable network connection.




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