Ricoh Theta (360° action cam)

Ricoh Theta is kind of 360° action cam, which is able to capture all the surprises and beauty from 360° around you. It is casual to carry and in a good design. It is portable and fashionable for people daily use to capture the new thing and forgettable thing around. To experience the feeling that you are really there, Ricoh Theta is the new kind of video cam which is associated with the virtual reality technology. With some VR assisted accessories, it enables people to enjoy and experience the VR view of the videos which are recorded by Ricoh Theta.


Besides, Ricoh Theta allows users to develop their own original RICOH THETA app. It is a good opportunity for users to create and make their own spherical image with a world view, which the standard photos and movies cannot be simply compared with.


Here it is the specification of Ricoh Theta

  • High resolution which is up to 5K image capture and 360° full HD video capture with 1920 x 1080 resolution and 30fps.
  • Enable to HD live streaming, live view and long exposure with 8G memory
  • Approx. 65 minutes with 1920 x 1080 video size, approx. 175 minutes with 1280 x 720 video size
  • New Wi-Fi module enables high-speed transfer of images shot with THETA to your smartphone.
  • LED icon issued to allow you to check the status of the main device at a glance.
  • Premium & Elegant Refined body design.
  • User-friendly app allows to control among different devices

It is not so expensive for Ricoh Theta comparing with other brand of 360° action cam. This guy has a good looking and portable as well. Today is time of VR, I am so excited to make my first VR Video with this little guy and give my friends and family an awesome and unprecedented experience.


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