Surface book

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Surface book is the first laptop of Microsoft. Let us see what surface book is. Basically surface book starts the price at $2299 AUD with the 6th Gen Intel Core i5, 128G SSD and 8G RAM. Besides, surface book has a 13.5-inch PixelSense touchscreen display which is up 3000*2000 resolution. Windows 10 Pro operating system is pre-installing and a surface Pen also is included.

For advanced user, surface book also can be upgrade to 6th Gen Intel Core i7 with 1TB SSD and 16 GB RAM as well as a discrete GPU. Surface book also is the first 2-in-1 device which its keyboard is able to be detached along with the optional dGPU. The detached screen can be used as an independent tablet.

The surface book is capable to handle most of the designing application, sketch and any other creative task you throw at it. For most of the Adobe software users, surface is one of the most amazing and portable devices with an incredible performance. Besides, the high resolution screen comes with the calibrated true-to-life color as well as high contrast and low glare. This is so important for people who may work in advanced video editing or designing field which are color highly related.

The another amazing thing for the surface book is that it has a powerful surface Pen while this pen is so convenient to use in some many applications of design or office work. Writing on the screen or drawing in an app is so naturally smooth and comfortable. It is feeling like using the actual pen to draw or write on the paper. Besides, the touchscreen is always ready for you to do any operation. The keyboard of surface book is so good, every key is so comfortable to click on and it react quickly and correctly. The touch feeling is such smooth and soft but not that hard. Long battery life which may up to 12 hours for your daily work task operating.

For me, I like this surface book very much, as it may be the best Ultrabook I have ever seen from now on.


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