iPad Pro


iPad Pro’s screen is 12.9 inches, just a little bit smaller than the 13.3-inch MacBook Pro and  larger than 12-inch ultra-thin MacBook a lot . At the same time, a higher level of granularity iPad Pro’s screen is 264ppi, while the 13.3-inch MacBook Pro is 227ppi, 12-inch MacBook is 226ppi, visually speaking, iPad Pro screen is looked and felt more comfortable for reading experience.


Since Mac OS X is a desktop operating system, it seldom opens full-screen applications, the screen above a global menu, the following software applications Dock shortcut bar, it is generally reserved for a limited application of the display area. The iPad does not emphasize multitasking; App is opening with full screen. This led to the same web page or application on the iPad Pro viewing area much more than MacBook Pro.


Here is my MacBook Pro 13.3-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro put together a comparison chart, as if looking at the screen that the iPad Pro looks bigger than the MacBook Pro and the text in a page displayed in a lot more in iPad Pro, and this is very interesting.


Moreover, iPad Pro is that big enough and is so potential to be the extent display for other mac device by using a special software from apple. IPad Pro has four good performed speakers at the all four corners, which improves the experience of listening to music and watching movies.


IPad Pro is also supported with an apple pencil, which is so convenient and agile for not only the system operating but also drawing pictures and hand writing input. Apple pencil has a high recognized rate, which you will feel like you are drawing with an actual pencil.


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