360fly 4K Camera

A revolutionary way of capturing the moments has now broadened its spectrum from a limited 2-D to an interactive 360 x 240 degree of field view almost any direction except for the bottom area., isn’t that quite a great way to re-live the moment and mix it with the VR technology to give the amazing experience.

360Fly is the camera that lets the user to capture everything that’s happening in the surroundings – every direction- not just one direction. The camera is facing straight up, it constantly records in every direction and the beauty is, it can be turned towards any direction while reviewing or watching the video. The beauty lies in the special software that would enable the circular video wrapped horizontally to an amazing interactive 3D video that could be shared in YouTube and Facebook for everyone to admire.

360Fly 4K is a 16 megapixel  camera that produces the resolution to 2880 x 2880 pixels, at the rate of 24 or 30 frames per second  rugged resisting 1 ATM (almost 10 meters) of water resistant, dustproof and shockproof. The tennis ball sized gadget is now equipped with motion/audio activating feature with First person view mode adding beauty to the perspective of the captured image/video. It also consists of built in gyroscope with the 64 GB internal storage with the ability to live stream with the help of Livit Mobile App compatible with IOS or Android devices.

Despite the amazing experience that 360Fly delivers, the video quality is said to be good only for small screens with the audio not very impressive. The battery is claimed to last for straight 2 hours of use. However, compared with the similar products 360fly 4k is said to be one of the best ones considering its hardware and software.

It is readily available in market for the price of AUD $849.95




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