ARA, The modular Cell Phone

The next generation of mobile phone, where one can change the individual components of a mobile phone as per his preference, mood, performance or style. A handset which can be easily swapped and plugged in without a hassle by sliding in. Upgrading to a newer technology or customising to one’s preference. Upgrading the CPU, battery, storage without changing the entire mobile coimages3uld soon be possible.

Project ARA, the next generation of mobile technology is being worked on, the modular phone will be for life, don’t need to buy a brand new set every now and then for every upgrade in technology. The project ARA, the bare bone of the mobile supports the modules slides which happily accommodates and slides in and locked in the magnetic and wirelessly interconnected. Does look like a fiction movie – well, that is the perk for living in the technological age.

This device consists of a frame board that incorporates all the basic functionality of the mobile phone such as CPU, GPU, antennas, sensors, battery and the 5.3 inch display with the android based platform. Users are provided with the options to choose among the six plug and play modular slots with the data transfer rate of up to 11.9 GBps. The Google Ara Modules could be chose from game controller, fingerprint scanner, media control button module, an NFC chip, removable storage, and camera.

There have been speculations that google has Killed project Ara.


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